Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National carbon calculator (UK)

The good folks at the Guardian (h/t Marc Lee at Progressive Economics) have come up with a neat little web app where you have to adjust sliders to try to reduce Britain's CO2 emissions by 80%. It shows how you have to balance electricity supply and demand, and how much of a reduction in travel and consumption would be required. It's quite challenging. And Marc does say this:
They even share the back end spreadsheet, so we may have to mash up a Canadian version soon.
Looking forward to that. In some ways, Canada has it better; we have far more hydroelectric capacity (not to mention solar, given that in most of this country you actually see the sun). On the other hand, our cities are separated by distances that the average person in the UK (or France or Japan, for that matter) can hardly imagine, and thus our transportation costs (for people or other materials) will be much higher. And then there's heating costs...

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