Sunday, May 2, 2010

Interesting development in the attempted terrorist attack in NYC

Apparently this wasn't done by a terrorist. The esteemed Herald Sun of Melbourne says so:
Crude New York Time Square car bomb no signature of a terrorist

THE failed car bomb used in New York's Times Square does not match records of those used by professional terrorists and contained 50kg of fertiliser that was incapable of exploding, police said today. quoted investigators as saying that professional terrorists tend to use the same "bomb signature" over and over again but the Times Square bomb did not match any on their database.

This has led investigators to believe that although the bomb was dangerous, it was probably not made by an expert or trained terrorist.

Uh-huh. To be fair, the actual text of the article isn't quite as egregious as the headline, but it's interesting to note this:
"There is no evidence that this is tied in with al-Qaeda or any other big terrorist organisation," Mayor Bloomberg said.
I wonder if what they'll say if this guy is tied in with a militia? Will anyone in a position of authority be prepared to investigate whether some of these organizations are terrorist organizations? They tend to avoid the term in this context for some strange reason, and that goes doubly so for any media outlet owned by News Corporation (like, say, the Herald Sun)...

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