Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soft landing for Iggy?

Depends who you believe. There are whispers of a job for him at the U of T:

It’s not a scheduled stop on this summer’s gruelling bus tour but the University of Toronto is looming as the Liberal leader’s final destination. Michael Ignatieff is being touted as an eventual successor to Janice Gross Stein at the university’s prestigious Munk School of Global Affairs.

Returning to U of T where he has strong ties would provide a soft landing for Ignatieff if the next election doesn’t go well for the Liberal party and its leader. The Munk school begins an intense international search for Stein’s replacement this fall. Sources say the university would also welcome Ignatieff’s return if he chooses to fill the post it offered in 2005 to bring him back to Canada from Harvard.
From the Star. Iggy is denying it, of course, but we'll see if he's singing the same tune in a couple of months.

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