Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ontario Liberals shoot down inquiry into G20

Andrea Horwath recently introduced a private members' bill at Queen's Park to bring about an independent inquiry into what went down at the G20 summit in Toronto earlier this year. Sadly, this bill was voted down handily by both Tories and Liberals. The Liberals' stated reason for opposing an inquiry was that the mess was the feds' fault (why that means the province shouldn't hold an inquiry is unclear to me) while the Tories say it's important to wait until the ongoing whitewash- er, inquiry- completes its work, while disputing (not unreasonably) the Liberals' contention that they had no role in it.

Myself, the biggest question in my mind is why the McGuinty government went along so slavishly with the whole G20 affair in the first place. It would have been very interesting to have the perspective of a fly on the wall of the room where the two levels of government met to plan the operation...

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