Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anti-gang programs to close

The federal government has cancelled funding for some programs to give kids an alternative to gang life:

Four successful anti-gang programs will shut their doors in March when federal funding runs out, leaving at least 65 kids at the mercy of the streets again.

One program that helps refugees steer clear of gangs like the Mad Cowz is the only one of its kind in Canada. Another program helped teens with gang connections get jobs at grocery stores and gas stations.

Staff from the four mentorship and outreach programs that are destined to close say they've dramatically reduced the number of new criminal offences.

"It's not cost-effective, it's not ethically effective and it doesn't reduce crime to close these programs," said New Directions program manager Liz Wolff.

From the Free Press. Oh well, I guess they need people to fill all those new prisons they want to build...


Fat Arse said...

The failure of Katz & Co. and the Harper government to ensure the continuation of these programs is a disgrace. Katz trumpets his new 58 WPS as proof he cares while Harpo's sock-puppet Toews is only too happy to keep reminding us all they are "tough on crime" - but when it really counts, and when the work is really hard (i.e. changing lives and giving hope) they look the other way. They'd rather incarcerate a youth after a crime has been committed rather than try to reform that same youth before he commits aid crime. Katz & Harpo, narrow minded fear-mongers both who are incapable to seeing that the coin has two sides. Sure we need cops, and sure we need good and enforceable laws - but we ALSO need to provide hope to those at risk youth willing to accept it!

nitroglycol said...

Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately that's how those folks operate.