Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More craziness, closer to home this time

Well, first the good news -- the crisis in the Caucasus seems to be abating. But have a look at this:

However you describe it -- distinct, peculiar, or stubborn -- it's undeniable: Albertans possess a unique propensity for bucking national trends.

Not that we're troubled by it, mind you; quite the opposite, in most cases. When Albertans are seen to be out of step with much of the country, we wonder what's wrong with everyone else.

This is a case, however, where we should be wondering what's wrong with us -- a case where Alberta's anomalous body of opinion is not a source of pride, but rather a deep embarrassment.

An Angus Reid poll released last week asks Canadians their views on the question of evolution versus creation.

Overall, 58 per cent of Canadians say they are believers in evolution. By region, the numbers are more or less in keeping with the national average.

However, there's one notable exception in this poll: Alberta.

A shockingly low 37 per cent of Albertans supported the position that humans beings evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years. An even greater number of Albertans -- 40 percent -- agreed that humans were created by God within the last 10,000 years.

From this babble thread. My dad has often said that Albertans are pretty darn close to being Yankees, and this certainly offers support to his claim. Especially with stuff like the Big Valley Creation Museum.

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