Sunday, December 7, 2008

Don Newman schools John Baird

Perhaps "shreds" would be a better word:

Baird may be a bit more worldly than some of his colleagues, but he isn't any smarter than most of them. Which will create a problem for the Cons when Harper passes his "use by" date (which may have happened in the last week, though it remains to be seen how much damage this episode will do him). Because really, who in that party, besides Harper, has any brains? Belinda Stronach and Scott Brison are not stupid, but then they're no longer Cons either. Peter MacKay, perhaps? Doubtful, given that the whole country has seen him backstab David Orchard. So who does that leave? Inky Mark? Cheryl Gallant? Maybe Tony Clement or one of the other former Harrisites could pull it off, but their entire claim to fame is the economic model that is now unravelling at the seams. No, I think that the Conservative Party will spend quite some time in the political wilderness after Harper's reign ends. And that, my friends, is a Good Thing.

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