Thursday, December 3, 2009


At one point former Winnipeg mayor Glen Murray was considering a run for mayor of Toronto. That would have been kind of interesting; I can't think of any other example of someone who's been mayor of two different cities. (OK, technically Mel Lastman was mayor of North York before Toronto, and Hazel McCallion was mayor of Streetsville before Mississauga, but that's not really the same thing). However, it's not to be, at least for now, because it seems Murray is shooting for Queen's Park instead:

The Ontario Liberals have found a gay political icon to succeed George Smitherman as the MPP for Toronto Centre.

Glen Murray, the former Winnipeg mayor and one of North America's pioneering gay politicians, will be the leading candidate for the governing party in a key downtown riding.

Sources told the Star, which first disclosed Murray's interest on Nov. 10, that the Canadian Urban Institute CEO will abandon his nascent campaign for the Toronto mayoralty to seek the Liberal nomination.

From the Toronto Star. I imagine he'll win, but it's too bad really; he has a half decent track record in municipal politics (better than any other Winnipeg mayor in recent memory, anyhow), but now he'll likely fall nicely in line with the Liberal party like a good little backbencher.

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