Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cons back on top

According to the latest EKOS poll, the Conservatives are now a smidgen ahead of the Liberals. What this would mean in terms of actual seats is up for debate. EKOS' Frank Graves concludes that this would lead to a razor-thin plurality for the Cons... but if you look closely at that article, his numbers add up to 318 seats, when there are only 308 seats in the House, so something's not right there. At ThreeHundredEight they project 110 seats for the Cons, 108 for the Liberals, 54 for the Bloc, and 36 for the NDP, which at least adds up. Either way, it means the Cons are beginning to recover a bit of the ground they lost... but only a bit.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see a seat projection in which the combined NDP, Green, and Liberal seats add up to 155 or more. Hopefully that'll change before the next election...

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