Friday, February 26, 2010

Brief update, and interesting article

Well, it hasn't been too busy here, primarily because I've been busy with other things (the Concordia by-election, watching the Olympics, etc). I did come across an interesting story in the Carman Valley Leader though on the Youth for Christ controversy:

One question not being asked is if there's federal money going to YFC, what's left for much needed projects in rural Manitoba?

Anyhow, Martin has a reputation of being something of a hothead and is quick with the verbal jabs. While some of his comments regarding Christianity in general were off the mark, there's an important point being ignored.

That is many other community centres in Winnipeg, are starved for funding and are often turned away by Katz's city hall cohorts.

That $3.1 million would go a long way to rejuvenating a number of inner city facilities in need of help.

If you don't care for that point, then the $3.1 million would be about two year's worth police helicopter fuel and maintenance.

And let's face it, Martin hit the nail on the head when he pointed there would be widespread outrage if it was "Youth for Allah" slurping at the public trough.

Source. Yes, you read that right -- a Sun Media-owned paper, in the heart of Manitoba's Bible Belt, is defending Pat Martin. Obviously I agree with them, but it's interesting.

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