Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Throw good lives after bad - families

Sorry if that sounds callous, but that's more or less what the families of some deceased soldiers are asking us to do:

Frederick McKay, whose son Private Kevin McKay was killed earlier this year, said it’s wrong to think victory is impossible in Afghanistan.

He said Canadian troops are winning small battles, such as allowing children to go to school, and those victories will likely come to an end if the troop withdrawal goes ahead as planned next summer.

“Over the course of the years to come, all these small victories will make the sacrifices that our guys are making here in Afghanistan worthwhile,” McKay said.

“You can’t do that if we bring them home.”

From the Hamilton Spectator. Guess what? Those small victories are almost certainly temporary. This war was lost a long time ago, and wasting more lives isn't going to make the losses that have already occurred any less futile.

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