Wednesday, September 20, 2023

News roundup, 20 Sept 2023

- A new poll bodes well for the Manitoba NDP, with a six point lead province-wide and a 22 point lead in Winnipeg. Ultimately, though, the election will come town to what happens in a handful of constituencies. The NDP has announced their intention to convert 5,000 homes to geothermal energy, administered by Efficiency Manitoba.

- The latest round of COVID-19 vaccines should be available in October as well. Also on the COVID front, five churches whose Charter challenge of restrictions from the height of the pandemic are appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada.

- The Winnipeg Transit Master Plan is still proceeding, albeit slowly. They do say that the reorganization of routes may happen by 2025.

- The American Bullfrog is native to the eastern US and adjacent parts of Canada, but is introduced and invasive, in the west, including BC. This guy is hoping to address the problem by eating them.

- Organized labour seems to be experiencing a resurgence after years of decline. Besides public sector workers here in Manitoba, we see strikes from Hollywood to Detroit. The UAW in particular is using novel tactics in their fight with the automakers, with targetted strikes at plants belonging to all the automakers rather than a full shutdown of each one in sequence as has been their past practice. Back on this side of the border, Unifor has a tentative agreement with Ford, though.

- There's been a road rage incident involving a cyclist. The accused was driving a truck; colour me surprised.

- Far right activists are holding their "1 Million March 4 Children" protests in cities across Canada; happily they're being met with counterprotests. Here's a primer on what they're really about.

- You'd think a conviction for stealing money from a murder scene as well as other instances of theft would be a firing offense, even for a cop. In Alberta, at least, you'd be wrong.

- Say what you will about Biden (and there's plenty to criticize him for), creating a New Deal-style agency to address climate issues as well as provide jobs for young people is definitely a step in the right direction. Given the urgency of the situation, though, perhaps a better model to use would be the Manhattan Project.

- One of the biggest issues with electric vehicles is what to do with the battery at the end of its life, as well as supplies of the critical materials. Successful recycling is critical; fortunately some progress is being made.

- The more one sees of Elon Musk, the more one has to wonder why the conspiracy nutters are so fixated on George Soros instead of him.

- Poison Sunak is considering weakening key environmental policies. Unfortunately the next election might not happen till 2025.

- India is warning its citizens to be cautious in Canada. No doubt they should be cautious, not least of agents of the Indian government, given the fate of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Meanwhile, the row is causing concern among other western powers, by making it awkward to deal with India even as they want it on their side as a counterbalance to China.

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