Monday, October 5, 2009

Ashton wins The Maples and Fort Whyte

Steve Ashton took two big constituencies over the weekend. After winning most of the 138 delegates in The Maples on Saturday, he also got all 43 Fort Whyte delegates on Sunday. On the other hand, Selinger took 43 delegates in several rural ridings, so he remains ahead by a significant margin. Ashton is also playing up the Hydro strike, marching with picketers today in front of the Manitoba Hydro building downtown, and reiterating his support for anti-scab legislation. No doubt he hopes to pick up enough labour support from this to put him over the top.

For some reason the timing of the Hydro strike has raised paranoid alarm bells in my mind, making me think of the electrical workers' strike in A Very British Coup which is orchestrated by the enemies of the government. But maybe I should take off my tinfoil hat and take a breath...

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