Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Liberals chicken out on climate bill

Well, I guess I shouldn't have expected otherwise:

Federal Liberals say they won't support the NDP in its effort to push a private member's climate-change bill through the House of Commons on Wednesday.

The proposed legislation, called Bill C-311, the climate change accountability act, sets strict targets for greenhouse gas emissions and is currently being considered by a House environment committee.

The committee has asked for an extension of 30 sitting days to review the bill, a request that will be considered Wednesday when the House sits.

But New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton said the delay would undermine efforts to have the bill passed into law before the Copenhagen summit in December.

Layton wants the bill's tougher greenhouse gas emission reduction targets to be in force when Canada sends delegates to the summit, where international leaders hope to forge a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, the global greenhouse-gas treaty ratified by dozens of countries, including Canada.

From the CBC. Damn.

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Fat Arse said...

T'is a travesty when a party is so insecure that it cannot even bring itself to vote in favour of one of its longstanding platforms.

I decry their meekness and lack of gonadal fortitude!