Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lett on the Hydro issue

This article by Dan Lett sums up the Hydro situation pretty well, I think. Not only is Selinger not in a panic over the allegations, he's going out of his way to clear the air:
As a former finance minister who was also responsible for Hydro, no one in this government knows more about Hydro than Selinger. One of his first acts as premier was to ensure the audit would be completed well before the next election in 2011.

That is either a foolish and reckless move, or the new premier knows something we don't know.
In other words, if he had anything to hide, do you think he'd be so eager to have the audit completed before the election? Somehow I doubt it.

As one of the comments to the article points out, it's also rather telling that the Opposition has been awfully quiet about this issue of late. They raised it in the fall session of the legislature, but that was before the mystery consultant made her most outlandish claims. If this issue had real legs, the Tories wouldn't shut up about it. Just imagine how Rick Borotsik would rant and scream, for instance, if there was anything to it.

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