Monday, January 11, 2010

Ludwig released without charge

Seems they don't have enough evidence:
Anti-oilpatch activist Wiebo Ludwig says police interrogated him for 10 hours after arresting him as part of an investigation into a series of gas pipeline bombings in British Columbia.

The Alberta farmer was arrested Friday and held overnight in jail as police continued to gather evidence, but he was released early Saturday without any charges being laid.

A day after his release, Ludwig told CBC News that police tried a couple of tactics to get answers.

"They talked about having my DNA. It was about a 10-hour drilling to try to break my spirit and compare me to Nelson Mandela and all that kind of ego-tripping, you know, hoping that I would have enough ego to think, 'Yeah, I'm just like Nelson Mandela,' and cough up like he did just before he got 27 years."

Ludwig said he was indifferent when he heard that police thought he was a suspect in the bombings near Dawson Creek, B.C. He said he was more concerned with the "real criminals" in the oil and gas industry.

He denied being the B.C. pipeline bomber, but described himself to CBC News as "a leading spirit" in the fight against the industry.

"I have talked to many people at Tomslake, [B.C.], and I have encouraged that they not just lie down under it, so I have been involved in different ways. I've not placed any bombs, in case that's what's you're wondering."

From the CBC.

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