Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thousands protest prorogation

It seems that the issue indeed resonates with a lot of Canadians:

In a display that was anything but apathetic, thousands of Canadians of varying political stripes clogged city streets across Canada demanding Prime Minister Stephen Harper reopen Parliament and get back to work.

Hordes of protesters crammed Toronto’s downtown square, cradling signs denouncing the Prime Minister’s decision to suspend Parliament until early March.

More than 3,000 people closed down a busy section of Yonge Street to sing, march and chant anti-Harper slogans.

Source. We didn't get that many people in Winnipeg, but it wasn't a bad turnout, as the following photos will show:





The Free Press estimates the turnout in Winnipeg at "over 300", which is more than Calgary or Edmonton got (surprise surprise). But even those cities got significant rallies apparently; perhaps it was unfair of me to offhandedly comment that the Calgary organizers could consider it a success if they got more people out than those in Brandon. And lest we Winnipeggers get too smug, Waterloo and London got over 500 each.

In any case, one wonders if Harper's worried yet. He ought to be...

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