Monday, January 4, 2010

Poll shows Canadians still want action on climate change

The results weren't evenly distributed, though:
More than half of Canadians believe greenhouse gases produced by human activity are a key factor spurring climate change, and they say the planet is in peril if significant action isn't taken soon.

The findings of the Leger Marketing poll conducted less than a week after the end of climate talks in Copenhagen suggest that Canada's political leaders must more clearly explain their plans for the environment.

But the survey's regional results highlight the dilemma climate change presents for policymakers.

The highest support for immediate action on greenhouse gases came in Quebec, where almost 70% of those asked said human activity is a key driver of climate change. They want something done now.

In Ontario and British Columbia, 51% felt this way. But in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 40% or less of those surveyed shared that sense of urgency. Prairie poll participants were also most likely to say human activity had no impact on global climate change, and most likely to say they were confused about the issue.

From the London Free Press. No bit surprise about the Prairies as a region, sadly (though I'd like to have a province by province breakdown; I suspect Manitoba is a bit more enlightened than Alberta in that regard).

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