Thursday, March 25, 2010

More right wing madness

The fanatical zeal of the teabaggers is not limited to the general public. Elected officials are in on the game too:
Georgia lawmakers reacted to Wednesday's news that their Attorney General, Democrat Thurbert Baker, would not sign on to a multi-state lawsuit to block the health care bill in his state by filing papers to have him impeached.

The blog Peach Pundit reports that the resolution to impeach Baker, also a candidate for Georgia governor, now has at least 30 signatures and is still going forward.
From the Huffington Post, via nebris (in a comment to a Blaque post, natch). Interesting to note Baker's comments on the lawsuit:
"I cannot justify a decision to initiate expensive and time-consuming litigation that I believe has no legal merit," Baker wrote in a two-page response to Gov. Perdue. "In short, this litigation is likely to fail and will consume significant amounts of taxpayers' hard-earned money in the process."
Sounds quite reasonable to me. Funny thing is, it's usually the right that goes on about frivolous lawsuits and the need for tort reform, yet they're impeaching a guy for refusing to sign on to a lawsuit that he believes to be frivolous. He might or might not survive the impeachment, but either way a clear message has been sent. In any case, the governor has decided to appoint a "special attorney general" specifically for the task of signing on to the lawsuit.

Oh, and a Democratic member of Congress from New York just got sent some white powder, too. Turned out to be harmless, but a none too subtle message either. The teabaggers, at all levels, are using whatever means they think they can get away with to get what they want. Scary stuff.

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