Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A new wrinkle in the detainee scandal

Looks like it may implicate the Liberals as well:

A Canadian diplomat with extensive experience in Afghanistan says she raised the possibility that detainees transferred from Canadian to Afghan custody were at risk of torture back in 2005.

But Eillen Olexiuk says her concerns were ignored.

She tells the CBC she arrived in Afghanistan in 2002 and was second in command at the Canadian Embassy in Kabul.

Ms. Olexiuk says she told the Liberal government in power at the time that the transfer agreement didn't do enough to protect detainees.

She said Canadian officials didn't monitor detainees after the transfer, and that left detainees vulnerable once they were in Afghan hands.

From the Globe. Unfortunately, this may reduce the likelyhood that any high-ranking officials will be prosecuted, since it will diminish the Liberals' enthusiasm for a public inquiry.

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