Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The teabaggers declare war

Check this out (h/t liz-marcs in a comment to this post on Blaque's blog):
When the law becomes a deadly tool of tyranny, it is no longer a good thing to be obedient and "law-abiding." It is, in fact, suicidal.

Yet, given the federal mandarins' willful ignorance of our very existence and conviction that we have no opinions that they are bound to respect, is there anything that can be done to prevent civil war?

Yes, there is.

We can emulate the Sons of Liberty of old.

We can break their windows.

These windows are not far away from where you are reading this right now. In virtually every city and county in this land, there is a local headquarters of Pelosi's party -- the Democrat party. These headquarters invariably have windows. When the Sons of Liberty wanted to express their opposition to the actions of the King's ministers, they would gather in front of the homes and offices of his tax-collectors and government officials in Boston or New York and break their windows. Glass was expensive. The King's minions were often the most well-to-do. The Sons of Liberty hit them in their pocketbooks.
This guy is drawing analogies to what the "Sons of Liberty" did in the days leading up to the American War of Independence, but some have pointed out that there's a more recent analogy. And people have been acting -- Blaque, in the same post linked above, has catalogued five instances of such vandalism since the vote, and that may be only the beginning. One Democratic member of Congress has had her family threatened:
The same day a brick crashed through her Niagara Falls office, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D) says her staff discovered an assassination threat aimed at her family members. The Democratic headquarters in Rochester was also targeted.
This is fricking nuts. No doubt they're trying to provoke the authorities into overreacting, so they can escalate their own activities...

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