Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And the race continues:

Never Eat Yellow Snow has posted the tally of delegates so far, including elected officials (who are automatically delegates apparently). I won't repost all the details (go there if you're interested) but the totals are: Selinger 73, Ashton 18, and Swan 12 (of them, Swan is the only one who hasn't received any delegates at the meetings). He also predicts that Selinger will take both ridings being run tonight. I agree that Selinger will take Fort Rouge easily, but I'm less sure about River Heights; ridings not held by the NDP are often ripe for massive membership campaigns, so Ashton could well grab that riding like he did Tuxedo. We'll have to see.

Edited to add: I should have known better than to second-guess NEYS (who has been right about pretty much everything except Frank Whitehead's endorsement). River Heights, like Fort Rouge, was a sweep for Selinger (24 delegates in Fort Rouge, 21 in River Heights).

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