Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who backs whom...

So with three candidates now officially declared, we have a good idea who each candidate can count on for support based on who showed up at their campaign launches (with one exception, see below).

Greg Selinger seems to have the support of Ministers Kerri Irvin-Ross (Healthy Living), Diane McGifford (Advanced Education and Training), Eric Robinson (Culture, Heritage, and Tourism), and Roseanne Wowchuk (Agriculture, Food, and Rural Initiatives) as well as backbenchers Rob Altemeyer, Marilyn Brick, Greg Dewar, Jennifer Howard, Flor Marcelino, Doug Martindale, and Mohinder Saran (source).

Andrew Swan got the support of Ministers Nancy Allan (Labour), Theresa Oswald (Health), and Stan Struthers (Conservation), as well as backbenchers Sharon Blady and Erin Selby (source). MP Pat Martin is also apparently endorsing Swan.

Steve Ashton got the nod from Bidhu Jha, Tom Nevakshonoff, and Daryl Reid (source). He also seems to have received support from Chief Glen Hudson of Peguis and Chief George Kemp of Berens River. I have a funny feeling that MP Niki Ashton is going to be backing him as well...

Several other MLAs, including a couple of cabinet ministers, have yet to declare their allegiances. A special note must be made of St. James MLA Bonnie Korzeniowski, who reportedly showed up at all three campaign launches. According to this story she said that she "wished to show support for all her colleagues who are running for the leadership" and hasn't decided who to support. To be fair, as deputy speaker she may wish to remain neutral, at least publicly.

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