Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a three way race now

As expected, Greg Selinger is going to announce his candidacy tomorrow:

Manitoba Finance Minister Greg Selinger is expected to announce Tuesday he's joining the NDP leadership race, CBC News has learned.

A spokesman for Selinger said Monday that the finance minister will make the announcement at 12:30 p.m. CT at the Norwood Community Centre in Winnipeg.

It's expected several provincial NDP cabinet ministers will be at the announcement, the spokesman said.

Source. Anybody's guess who will win, though I think Ashton will have a harder time appealing to urban voters than the others. Swan and Selinger are both likeable and competent, and I think Ashton is too (at least, his handling of this spring's flooding impressed everyone). I'm inclined to think that Swan will be the centrist choice, while Selinger and Ashton will appeal slightly more to the left. Ashton seems to be popular with a lot of the old line labour movement (the Fire Fighters' Association, for instance, is backing him) while Selinger's involvement in inner city issues (he was one of the founders of C.E.D.A., for instance) will earn him support from a lot of urban activists. No question, it will be an interesting race.

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