Thursday, September 24, 2009

The race goes on...

Yesterday Ashton picked up all 31 delegates in Radisson and at least 9 in Transcona. Selinger got 4 from Transcona, while 5 delegates inexplicably appeared on both Selinger's and Ashton's slates. Go figure. Kildonan reportedly went mostly to Selinger as well, though Swan picked up a couple. Unfortunately I don't have detailed numbers on these yet.

Super Thursday results are still pending, but in the meantime some interesting policy announcements came out. The boldest so far has been the fact that Ashton would consider bringing in anti-scab legislation. Interesting idea, and something the Manitoba NDP has taken heat for not introducing; I wonder if he can follow through, though. Ashton also announced yesterday that if he wins he'll move forward with extending bus rapid transit through Elmwood and Transcona. I've got to hand it to him, he's making some good policy proposals. Selinger, meanwhile, has promised extra tax credits for small business and improved training and job opportunities for the aboriginal community and the north, while Swan has announced policies on crime and public-private partnerships.

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