Saturday, November 7, 2009

$1.10 a day ensures suitable housing for all: report

Doesn't sound like a lot, does it?
OTTAWA -- An estimated 1.5 million needy households in Canada could have access to suitable, affordable housing for the cost of slightly more than $1 a day for every household in the country, a new report says.

The price tag to eliminate Canada's "housing affordability gap" was a key finding in the report, which said single-parent families, the unemployed, the elderly, immigrants and aboriginals were being hardest hit by the lack of suitable housing.

The report, released Thursday, was prepared for the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and based on an analysis of 2006 data collected by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.

Source. Do you think it would kill you to pay another $1.10 a day in taxes? Me neither.

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Fat Arse said...

$1.10 more per day in taxes? Hmm, gotta mull that over for a bit. Let me reflect on it as I head out to buy my two cartons of cig's for the coming week. Will get back to you shortly.