Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Does this make any sense?

Seems that the Department of National Defense wants to build a building in Afghanistan that could be abandoned within months of completion:
National Defence is looking to spend more than $4 million to erect a new multi-use building in Afghanistan — with a completion date just months before troops begin to withdraw from the military mission.

The sturdy, big-box structure would replace existing "weathered" tents at the Kandahar Airfield. A notice seeking letters of interest from construction companies was posted online Monday, with an estimated cost for the "opportunity" of $4.26 million.

DND spokesman Maj. Jason Porteous said current storage and maintenance facilities are in rough shape. The project calls for a new 3,608-sq. m. building with a 26-bay workshop, wash bay, shelters, office space and land communication and information systems storage.

"It's a project we've had on the books for a while. There's a long lead time to get these going," he said.

Despite Canada's 2011 scheduled end date for the mission, Porteous said the project is still worth proceeding. It will also serve as a spot to prepare Canadian military vehicles for their return home.

From the Portage Daily Graphic. Makes you wonder how serious they are about leaving in 2011, doesn't it?

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