Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Canada's growing human rights gap

Amnesty International, no less, is harshly critical of the way human rights are going in this country:

"Amnesty International is more and more concerned about the serious worsening of the human rights approach of this government," Shetty said in a speech to the CIVICUS world assembly on citizen participation.

"There is a real shrinking of democratic spaces in this country. ... Many organizations have lost their funding for raising inconvenient questions," he added.

"You expect more from Canadians. ... I think there is a growing gap between the values and the track record of Canada historically and the actions of the current government, which is deeply concerning."

From the Ottawa Citizen (h/t pogge). How much longer will Canadians stand for this? Do we have no shame? The latest poll would suggest that this is the case...

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