Friday, August 20, 2010

Ford still working to undermine himself

The guy would be better off if he just shut up:

The man who would be Toronto mayor yesterday questioned the value of immigrants in the City of Immigrants. He said Tuesday he wants no more newcomers because we can’t manage our current population and an influx will add chaos upon existing chaos. And in case you think he’s being exclusionary, he assured us Wednesday that once he gets the city’s fiscal house in order he will reopen the doors.

Hmmm. With pronouncements like that, no wonder fiscal conservatives were begging John Tory to enter the race and give them a palatable option on the political right.

It was always anticipated that the more Ford spoke, the less voters would like him. The controversial councillor is living up to expectation.

This was no slip-up; it’s vintage Ford — direct, impolitic sand in your eye. When will it begin to wear thin on Toronto voters?

Opponent George Smitherman has spent considerable ammunition — some say, too much — attacking Ford on everything, small and great. He thinks, finally, this is the “turning point in the election.”

From the Star. One would hope this, more than an old drunk driving conviction, would be the thing to derail his campaign. However, that's really secondary; the most important thing is that his campaign gets derailed somehow...

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