Monday, August 9, 2010

Selinger gets good marks at Council of the Federation

Manitoba's premier has impressed his guests:

So how did Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger do in hosting this week's annual premiers meeting in Winnipeg?

By most accounts, not bad.

Of course, he had a bit of help from Burton Cummings.

As host, Selinger chaired the closed-door meetings of the Canada's premiers, collectively known as the Council of the Federation.

And on Thursday night, before Cummings impressed the out-of-towners with an hour-long solo show at Kelburn Farm, Selinger was the guy almost every delegate and guest wanted to shake hands with and talk to.

Labour, business and aboriginal bigwigs all wanted a little face time with the premier of almost one year.

Selinger barely had enough time to grab a bite -- and he'd been up since 5 a.m. doing the early-morning TV and radio circuit.

He ducked out early during Cummings' show to get some much-needed shuteye, and was back at it with a vengeance early Friday.

Today will be one of his first real days off since Christmas.

What came out of the confab is Selinger chairs a crisp meeting. He doesn't waste time and the other leaders seemed to appreciate that. Each has their own agenda, their own political reality back home. And while Selinger obviously appreciated that, he still kept things on focus. The goal being to keep everyone on the same page even if some didn't agree with it.

From the Free Press. He still has to become better known among the public over the next year, but he's making a good go of it so far.

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