Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another travesty from the Immigration and Refugee Board

A woman who grew up in this country has been deported for her association with a dubious organization, even though she has no criminal record and was never a member of the group:

A Toronto woman has been deported to Chile for associating with a gang, even though she has lived virtually all of her life in Canada and has no criminal record.

Carla Campagna, 23, was placed on a flight to Santiago late Tuesday night, hours after losing a deportation appeal in Toronto.

She was originally ordered deported last spring because of her association with a little-known Hispanic group grandly called the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation.

The Latin Kings and Queens are considered public benefactors in some nations and an organized crime group in others.

From the Star (h/t pogge). Sounds like guilt by association to me...

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