Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cons, Liberals almost even: poll

At the start of the summer, the Conservatives had an 11 point lead over the Liberals. Not anymore, according to a new EKOS poll:

The poll gives the Conservatives 29.4 per cent support of Canadians, a drop of three points from two weeks ago. The Liberals are at 29.1 per cent support, an increase of nearly two points from the previous poll.

New Democrats are at 15.7 per cent national support, the Green Party is polling at 13 per cent and the Bloc is at 10.9 per cent. The poll of 3,559 Canadians was conducted between Aug. 18 and Aug. 31; it has a margin of error of 1.64 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Source. They offer a suggestion as to why, as well:

The pollster gives only a small measure of credit to the Liberal Leader for the change in fortunes. “The [Michael Ignatieff] travelling redemption show has brought back MI and the LPC from life support to fully fledged contenders for next government,” Mr. Graves said. “In fairness the new parity is as much a product of Tory largesse to their competitors as adroit action on part of the Liberals.”

The Tory largesse to which Mr. Graves refers is, of course, the census. For weeks now it has dogged the Conservatives, gradually picking away at the party’s support, even with its own supporters.

“This seemingly obscure action has set in motion a chain of responses, which has managed to awaken the erstwhile dormant knowledge and professional classes,” the pollster said. “Virtually all of the shift in the political landscape has occurred with the movement of the highly educated.”

So it sounds like it could be another case of the right saving us from itself. Interesting...

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