Monday, September 27, 2010

Wasylycia-Leis presents environmental platform

A lot of this is just basic common sense, but by Winnipeg standards that's pretty darn good:

The former Winnipeg North MP pledged Friday if she's elected mayor next month, the city will offer small environmental-project grants to community groups, share the cost of placing bike racks outside of businesses, increase the tree-pruning cycle, create a local food-policy council and re-establish a formal environment committee at city council.

She also promised to fast-track the implementation of existing city environmental studies and reiterated her pledge to complete the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor as a busway - and begin a second rapid-transit route, most likely from downtown to Transcona - within her first term as mayor.

From the Free Press. What's more, she is willing to talk about costs:

Small grants for schools or community groups wishing to create green rooftops or green alleyways would be capped at $1,000 per grant. No more than $75,000 would be spent on this program, she said.

Cost-sharing the placement of bike racks would cost $50,000. And increasing the tree-pruning schedule from the current 13-year cycle - and providing more grants to neighbourhood tree-banding projects - would add another $300,000 to Winnipeg's operating budget.

Interestingly, although the latest poll has Sam leading Judy 34%-20%, fully 40% of those polled are undecided. So this one really could go either way.

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